IT Tools

IT Tools is a network scanner and analyzer for IT professionals. Includes continuous traceroute, DNS lookup, ping, routing tables, ARP tables, interface statistics, list of active connections and more. IPv6 is fully supported, including reverse DNS. All tools support sending results via Mail, and Messages.

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WiFi Network Scanner

Discover all the machines running on your network.

Continuous Traceroute

Provides details of the network hops to the destination host. Optimized to determine the network path extremely quickly, often in less then 5 seconds. Once the path is determined, it proceeds to continuously ping each hop to provide additional statistics and alternate paths, similar to tools like PathPing and MTR.




Routing table


Active Network Connections

ARP - Address Resolution Protocol

Displays the current mapping of IP addresses to hardware (MAC) addresses.

NDP - IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Protocol

Display the IPv6 routers and nodes that have been discovered.

Includes a MAC address database, lookup the manufacturers name and address for any devices on your network.

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